Falk™ Lifelign® Gear Couplings

Realize Life-Long Savings

Initial Savings

Falk Lifelign couplings provide the economies budget-minded users seek, without sacrificing coupling quality or reliability.

uperior Bore Capacities and Torque Ratings
The unmatched bore capacities and torque ratings of Falk Lifelign couplings often allow you to select a smaller sized coupling for a given application. In fact, selections for T frame, 60 hertz electric motors result in a drop of one coupling size for half of the 28 motor frames available. The result: quality, reliability and performance with average savings of 15-20% over competitive offerings. The smaller overall size also makes Lifelign couplings well suited for limited space applications that still require large bores and high torque loads.

Ideal for Existing Applications
Half for half interchangeability allows you to add capacity and realize the advantages of Lifelign couplings on your existing applications and designs, as well.

What’s more, Lifelign’s larger hub diameter features more metal over the keyway versus other designs, providing greater reserve strength against hub fractures due to shock or impact loads.

Lifetime Savings
Lifelign Couplings are specially designed to remain your most economical solution by extending maintenance intervals, reducing wear and increasing service life.

Advanced Lube System
Falk Long Term Grease (LTG) eliminates routine lubrication cycles for up to 3 years. The location of the lubrication hole in the sleeve ensures that an adequate grease reservoir will be maintained close to the gear mesh. Plus, Lifelign’s 4-Reliable, convenient fasteners

High-strength, Grade-8 fasteners provide added protection against coupling failure at the flange joint. To assure the easiest possible assembly and disassembly, fasteners are zinc-coated to prevent corrosion and feature non-turning locknuts.

Rexnord supplies a complete range of coupling designs including, gear disc, grid, elastomer, composite, and fluid couplings.

Rexnord’s extensive applications engineering expertise combines with our comprehensive product offering to assure that you wind up with the best choice for the job…. and your preferred requirements.

Packaged System Design
point seal contact provides better retention of lubricant, eliminating the axial seal movement that can draw lubricant out of the coupling

Rexnord’s unmatched variety of gear drives and power transmission components allows us to develop complete packaged systems.

Triple Crown protection
Crowning at the root, tip and face of each tooth helps minimize wear damage due to misalignment. This triple-crown effect eliminates tip loading, while also reducing backlash and radial clearances.

Rexnord supplies the largest gear couplings in the world for low-speed, high-torque applications or where bore capacities of 10” to 52” are required.

Rexnord pours its own castings and completely machines the components to assure maximumproduct integrity with minimum lead times.

Rexnord can supply alloy steels for hydraulic hub removal, increased wear resistance, or to increasetorque ratings by an average of 60% for only about a 30% increase in price. The torque boost can allow smaller sizes to be used, thus significantly reducing overall costs.

In manycases, pre-packaged systems offer drop-in installation or replacement, minimizing installation time and costs. Global Availability and Support Rexnord’s has 900+ distributor locations and 300+ sales engineers, offering local availability on a global basis.